Careers – Videographer – Camera Operator Job

Traditionally a wedding videography is a one man band: Editor, Camera Operator, Audio Technician, Sales Rep and performs all the business operations that any wedding service requires.

Working with Weddimony Films including Laura and Benny, you can concentrate on capturing the wedding day without having to worry about the before or after.

Laura thrives as the primary contact for couples and has the people person skills to guide the couple through the entire experience. This allows the videographer to be equipment and scene focused; to record the best audio and visual content.

Laura and Benny have a very discrete, polite, professional but fun and easy going approach. First and foremost, it is someone’s wedding day over any service providers role on the day. The respect for that scenario is paramount and your personality and behaviour will dictate the success of your partnership with Weddimony Films above all else.


  • Well rounded.
  • Confortable in many situations.
  • Not abrasive.
  • Calm and collected.
  • Hard working.
  • Do-er over being told what needs be done.
  • All ways “on” mentality (no hiding!).

Skills & Knowledge

  • Practical and in-depth knowledge of video and audio equipment.
  • Skilled user of Gimbal.
  • can correctly expose cameras allowing for all environmental impacts.
  • can correctly positioning as many as 3 cameras.
  • can correctly recording multiple audio sources
    • setting appropriate levels.
    • selecting discrete locations.
  • Capable of Full Day Shoots
    • This is a morning to dance job, you need to be committed and unrestricted.
  • Full Driving License.

There are many ways to approach filming wedding days. If you have a different ethos to videography than the above, this not the partnership for you. Weddings are not commercial or studio productions and many of the traits and behaviours within those sectors do not transfer to weddings. We are recording weddings adapting to the settings couples have chose as opposed to impacting the events or atmosphere.

If after reading that initial content, you feel you are a fit to work with Weddimony Films please feel free to contact us. Our network is wide, and we are always interested in crossing paths with like minded people.