Weddimony Films are a partnership of Wedding Videographers Cork that produce the most discrete, professional, documentary style Wedding Videos. Combining their Knowledge and skills in Camera Operating, Audio Technician, Editing and of course … Weddings to produce films personal to you. Read More…

…a Teaser…

Unobtrusive Filming.

Discrete Audio.

Your day truly recorded.

Professionally Edited.

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Our Approach

We record your Wedding Day as it happens without interference.

Photographer takes the lead – no need for video to interfere (no doubling up)

Audio recording is discrete – Key moments are only used (speak freely!)

Filming without impacting – genuinely a documentary style (forget we are here)

Editing reality – professionally edited true to your day (a style to stand the test of time)

Wedding Videographers Cork

We are Wedding Videographers Cork with a very particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career. Ranging from East Cork: Midleton & Cobh, North Cork and Skibbereen our camera operators are some of the most skilled in Cork wedding filming.

Not only excellent camera operators we are very audio proud. Excellent audio is critical to a great film. We make sure we have all our basis covered with quality equipment so we you say “I do” or a father makes that epic wedding speech turn of phrase, we not only capture it but capture it cleanly and how it actually happened.

We have a team of editors that bring their expertise to each part of you 4 Wedding Films. The 4 film files are: Teaser, Trailer, Feature & Short. Be it the Trailer cutting key moments of your day together, getting a high level feel for your day. Or be it the documentary style edit of your Ceremony for the Feature. We have you covered.

That is the visual, audio and edit but first and foremost it is your Wedding. Having experience of weddings and being aware of the uniqueness of each wedding is something not all are sensitive to. We prioritise the filming from the prospective that it is your wedding day, it is a family day, there is a ceremony taking place and guest are having various interactions throughout the day. In short we are respectful of the sensitive nature of the day and to the fact it is yours, day not any suppliers.

Full Wedding Coverage


Recording: Morning till First Dance.

Including: 4 edits.

Delivering: Online & USB.

Private with Password.



Coming Soon edit, 1-2 min (approx).

Sneak peak of your Wedding Day.


Trailer of you Wedding Day, 2-4 min (approx).

The best bits from your Wedding Day, great for sharing.


20-30 min Short Film of your Wedding day (approx).

The condensed film is a great way to get a feel of your Wedding Day.


60-150 min Long Film of the day (approx).

Re-immerse yourself in the detail of your Wedding Day.


Watch More Clips: Teasers and Trailers


Our Videoman was a true professional. He blended in with the day and didn’t get in your face. He knew exactly when to step in and capture a moment and when to hang in the background discreetly working away. We weren’t sure whether to get a videographer but decided we didn’t want to risk regretting it.”

Danny & Anthony

More Details:


Weddimony Films work with Photographers to achieve the most efficient and unobtrusive recordings of your Wedding Day. Throughout your Wedding Day the camera person captures moments as they happen. While trying to be noticed as little as possible. The Photographer (if there is one) will take the lead when required to guide you through various moments of the day. This way our videographer is not doubling up on tasks or taking additional time from your day. The aim is to capture your day as it happens without impacting key moments, a true fly on the wall documentary style of filming.

Audio Discretion

We understand that the audio being recorded by camera people is of concern to couples (and indeed to anyone near a camera). We treat the audio with the utmost sensitivity. Audio in the edited film is only the key moments that are appropriate for the wedding film. So you can speak freely throughout the day. Without the fear of the audio being disclosed to anyone (tell your friends and family not to worry).

Morning Preparations

Enough happens is the morning preparations of a Wedding Day that it does not require a videographer to stage or interfere with the activities taking place. Primarily one partners morning is captured but where possible some from each partner’s morning can be recorded (the logistics of this can be discussed).


Key moments of your Ceremony from the walk up the aisle to the exit. All recording is done as discreetly as possible (we will not stand beside the celebrant when you say “I do”). Seriously, we are conscious we are one of several service providers at your ceremony. We do not want to be noticed. We want to capture moments unbeknownst to you.

Receiving Line

The congratulations handshake, kiss and hugs! We will capture a sense of the joy and celebration of your guests wishing you well, as now a married couple!


Working with the photographer we will capture the photoshoot. Those iconic and special interactions that personalise your wedding film.


Once you arrive at your venue and mingle with your guests we will record a feel for the drinks reception, were friends and family mingle.


A focal point of Irish weddings, listening back to the stories are invaluable in years to come. The reactions from tears, laughter and facial expressions, all add to the spectacle of wedding speeches.


No matter your dance skills, your First Dance is special. We capture it plus a few party songs to get a sense of the night you went on to have.

Options, talk to us if you want something different…

No Dance Coverage

Though it completes the story of your wedding day, Dance coverage is not for everyone. Please email use with the coverage you would prefer and we can quote a package tailered to your needs.

Additional Edits

The key thing when looking at videographers is making sure your get access to footage of key moments.

The standard Full Wedding Coverage is aimed at providing that for couples.

Editing footage into films is a great way to enjoy, re-live and share your wedding day.

More Please

For those who just love having as much footage as possible, we can provide the moments recorded from additional parts of the day. The best bits are used in the trailer and other edits.

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More Testimonials:

The Teaser is great, absolutely cannot wait to see more”

Keith & Emer

Thank you all so so so much!

We were absolutely over the moon.

To say we are blown away is the understatement of the century!

You captured some of the most precious moments throughout the day.”

Aislinn & Sean

Amazing, thank you so much. Films are great. Thank you for sharing the day with us & letting us let loose!” 

Rhiannon & Daniel

You captured so many lovely moments! We love the Films”

Katie & Cormac

Videos look smashing, thank you so much. Ye are some team”

Karen and Rob